Five Decades of Success

Excellence in Care Since 1966

We are proud to have helped patients recover life since 1966, when Dr. Thomas Frist Sr. and Robert Chricton Sr. first had the vision for Cumberland Heights. Today, we honor our mission, give thanks to several of the behind-the-scenes staff who make Cumberland Heights special, and discuss how much the industry has changed over five decades.

From the face of addiction to the tools we use to treat those struggling, Dr. Chapman Sledge, Chief Medical Director, talks about how care at Cumberland Heights has evolved over the last several decades.

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The Chefs at Cumberland Heights Know The Way to Your Heart

Cumberland Heights is known nationwide for its ability to help people recover life from drugs and alcohol. It’s known for its beautiful campus on the banks of the Cumberland River; for its extensive, supportive network of alumni; and for its experienced staff. But it’s famous for its fantastic FOOD!

As patients’ bodies heal and recover from addiction, healthy delicious meals have always been a welcome part of the experience at Cumberland Heights.

Two people who have helped make these memorable mealtime gatherings so comforting and positive for many have been at Cumberland Heights longer than most of our employees – and we are all grateful for that!

Meet Tim Dies, who has been a chef at Cumberland Heights for more than 36 years, and Executive Chef Jim Threadgill, who has been a chef at Cumberland Heights for 42 years.

“I love the positive feedback I get from the patients. It feels good to be part of a team that contributes something to the program by bringing something positive to the rehabilitation experience. It was also my father’s mission to work in the field of alcohol and drug addiction, and I like to think he would have been proud of me for working in the same field. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see me follow in his footsteps,” said Tim Dies.

Jim Threadgill’s history at Cumberland Heights started with his mother, Dottie, a well-known Nashville nutritionist who developed Cumberland Heights’s nutrition program in the 1970s. Her love of Cumberland Heights and of food inspired Jim to become not only a chef but also Executive Chef here at Cumberland Heights. Even after 42 years, Jim continues put love, care, and delicious ingredients into our meals that feed our stomachs and our recovery.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees change companies every two to three years on average, so we all must agree that Tim and Jim are WAY above average … just like their delicious food!!

Louise Mandrell discusses why Cumberland Heights means so much to her family.